A Touch For Modernization to Your Vintage Chattel

Swayam India holds the cat’s whiskers in the home furnishings world. Dealing in the finest, elegant and exquisite decor for every Indian house, they take complete immodesty in making your homes stunning. Some nation-wide exhibitions and magazines have featured Swayam’s home-decor range. The basic beddings and curtains have appeared in Catalogs of the country. Made with intricate detailing in premium fabrics known to man, are the furnishings made by Swayam.

What is a Diwan?

Being our vintage favorite are the Diwan sets. A gift from our Turkish friends, a vintage piece of chattel which can be found in almost all homes. A diwan set is coined as a singular bed in some places and called a couch by some. The singular bed-cum-sofa is a two piece boxed chattel, in which the lower wooden frame is used a storage box and the mattress of the exact size and shape is placed on the top. Most households in India, place it in the living room to turn it into another seat. And some place it in the guest room. Nonetheless, it cannot be just covered up with a simple make-do-to bed sheet.

Diwan Sets:

To give the vintage piece of furniture a modern look, here are some of the finest and colorful diwan sets. As known about the royals from history, the diwan-e-shaan and diwan-e-khas used to be the private chambers of the kings to hold their private affairs. They were believed to be quiet comfortable and luxurious. To bring the royal touch in today’s modern world, are the sets of diwan-e-shaan and diwan-e-khas. They both have the exquisite bed sheet and matching bolster and cushion covers, to give your home the feeling of the kings.

Linea Look:

The linea collection is, as the name suggests, a striped one. The colors coordinated with each other are superfluously attractive. Combinations of black + red, grey + white, red +blue +white, multi-colored and much more, to compliment the rest of the decor without a shadow of a doubt.


The colorful diwan sets come in the top-quality cotton and weaved in a high thread count. They can be bought with bolster covers or cushion covers to give it a whole staged look.

The box-spring shape bed can be made to appear nothing short of King’s thrown, with the right setting. People will be forced to take a seat on your picturesque diwan sets when decorated with the vibrant bed sheet and matching cushions and bolsters. Buy linea diwan sets online over Swayam’s web page to save the precious time on your makeup and to get ready for the party, where you will be parading the diwan set so pompously.

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